Sunday, 16 December 2012

Create A Stir Apron*

Do you ever feel like your other half doesn't appreciate all that you do for him and your family? Then you need this apron, so when you are slaving away at the stove making dinner again the man in your life can be reminded of how much you actually do.

With chores like sorting out the cupboards, buying presents and cards, putting the washing on it will remind your other half that you actually do all of these chores not the little fairies ;)

" The "Create a Stir" range was designed as a witty response to the hectic pace of modern motherhood. It lists the routine tasks a mother often undertakes and has proved a very popular gift item."

Here is a close up view of the apron so you can see the text a bit clearly. This is a really great quality apron and what I like most about it is that you can adjust the neck strap to the right size for you so that it doesn't hang down too low. I have my Mum and Nan coming round on Christmas day for dinner which I am very nervous about as I have never cooked Christmas dinner for others before but I will definitely be wearing this apron to keep my Christmas day outfit nice and clean.

You can purchase this apron from Stephanie's website which is
and the apron is £18 and you can also get matching over gloves and a cute little tote bag


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