Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Create Your Very Own Blurb Photobook*

As you know I'm big on documenting Thomas's life I already have lots of folders on my phone and computer crammed with photos, we have photos dotted around the house and I am also creating a scrapbook for the first year of his life (which I really need to catch up with)

So given the chance to create my very own high quality photobook I knew the only book I could create was one full of pictures of my beautiful boy, yes I am a very proud mummy.

Blurb  is an online photobook printing service which allows you to create almost any type of photobook you want from fun Instagram or Facebook books to wedding books, cookbooks, planners and you could even turn your blog in to a book. I might think about doing this in the future selecting some of my favourite posts and then printing them in a book. You can even sell your books afterwards!

Firstly for creating your very own Blurb book you will need to create an account with Blurb 
Next you need to decide which sort of book you want to create and you also have different options on how you can create your book whether using the online tools or a quick download of a program to your computer. I chose to download the program.
If like me you decide you want to make an Instagram book then you will need to allow permission for Blurb to access your Instagram account. I should imagine this is the same if you want to create a facebook book which they also do.

The website is super easy to use and follow and prompts you throughout creating your book to keep saving your work just in case anything crashes. 

All you need to do is select the photos you are wanting to use and then drag and drop them on the pages where you want. You can also change the layouts of your pages and even add text if you want. It really is that easy when you have completed your book just click on preview so that you can check your book is how you want it and then order it and go to the checkout. 

When I receive my book I will also be sharing a 20% discount for you to use against your Blurb Books

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