Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Home Shopping With K&Co;

I love a little shopping trip but sometimes they can be hard work especially now we don't have the car very often as David uses it to get to and from work, Thomas and I mainly have to use our legs or the bus and I don't know if you have ever caught the bus with a pushchair but it can be hard work. So we stick to having a little walk to our nearest town and if I am honest the shops there are pretty rubbish. On the odd occasion when I do venture to the main shopping town around here I loose all shopping motivation when I think of the struggle lugging the pushchair and the many, many shopping bags back on the bus to get home again.

That is where home shopping with come in. In 2011 Kays, Great Universal and Empire Stores were all bought together to create K&Co. It’ s a new brand that’s inspired by you and built on over 100 years of home shopping experience.
I will be honest with you I thought that K&Co were for the older generation as my nan use to have Kays and Great Universal but since browsing their website I have discovered that I was wrong they have so many different clothes for all ages from lots of top brands.

They have some gorgeous party dresses perfect for the Christmas party season. These little beauties have caught my eye.

 There is also a fab Christmas section full of gift ideas, decorations and more all split up in to easy to manage sections, gifts for him and her and you can look for gifts in your price range. Completely takes the stress out of Christmas without even moving from your sofa!

So next time you take a look out of the window at the dull December sky and you just can't bare to venture out in to the freezing cold with your little one in tow, just make yourself a nice cuppa and maybe treat yourself to a few biscuits (it is nearly Christmas after all) And give home shopping a try and get all of your Christmas shopping finished off and delivered to your door.

*This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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