Thursday, 20 December 2012

How I Relax - Tea India Review*

I have to have at least one cup of tea per day or else I can't function properly anybody else find that? I normally stick to my normal tea with milk 2 sugars so I thought it would be nice to try out some different flavours for a bit of a change. That is where Tea India comes in.

"We think it’s important to enjoy the best things in life whenever you can. Tea is one of life’s simple pleasures so we think it’s only right to drink a better blend all day, everyday. This was the exact thinking that led us to create our authentic range of Indian teas." - Yes Tea India tea is one of life's simple pleasures

I've never been a big fan of flavoured teas the only time I have tried them were when I was first pregnant I tried lemon and ginger tea to help with morning sickness and then raspberry leaf tea towards the end of the pregnancy to try and hurry things along both were pretty vile.

The Vanilla Chai tea is really nice the vanilla isn't overpowering it is just a nice subtle taste and you can either drink it as it comes or with milk and sugar to sweeten it up a little, I think I prefer it will a little sugar and milk. Definitely a nice winter warmer.

The other flavour I tried is the Black Tea, again I tried it with and without milk and sugar and I definitely think I am a milk and sugar person. Although it does taste good without it is just my personal preference to just add a bit of sweetness.

These aren't the only 2 flavours that Tea India do, they also have Massala Chai and Cardamon Chai you can find out more about their teas by visiting their website

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