Saturday, 15 December 2012

How To Deal With A Grumpy Baby With A Cold.

Thomas had a cold lately, it was all Daddy's fault he bought it home gave it to Thomas who then shared it with Mummy. I do feel sorry for Thomas when he has a cold the poor thing can't just get himself a drink if his throat is feeling a bit dry or he can't get himself some medicine if he has a headache. So we have to do a bit of guess work to find out what Thomas wants.
So I thought I would share with you a couple of tips that have got us through Thomas's cold.

1. Make sure you have calpol in the cupboards, babies can have calpol from 2months to help a cold.

2. Have a tub of snuffle babe to hand, from 3 months you can use this on your babies chest but before this we used this on a muslin and then hung it on the radiator so that the scent would fill the room.

3. Hot steamy bathrooms can also help to clear snuffly noses so if your little one is too young for any type of medicines try this. Simply take your little one in the bathroom whilst you're having a shower.

4.Offer more drinks, Fortunately Thomas has been having his milk as normal but when he last had a cold he wasn't really drinking much of his milk. So you may need to offer little and often.

5. Lots of sleep and rest. You know when Thomas is really feeling poorly as he doesn't wriggle and try to get away when you are snuggling. He also doesn't seem interested when he is on the floor with his toys.

6. Lots and lots of Mummy cuddles. I have found that this is one of the best cures for a cold. When Thomas is feeling poorly he just wants to snuggle and be close to you all the time. So your daily chores can wait, get snuggled up on the settee and have lots of cuddles with your little one until they are feeling better.

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