Sunday, 23 December 2012

Indiestyle Natural Beauty Box Review*

The IndieStyle Natural beauty box is a new beauty box with a difference, instead of the beauty boxes that we have all heard of before which contain high end beauty products this beauty box is full of natural beauty products, indie beauty, jewellery, cosmetics and accessories from small independent companies that you can find on Store Envy, Etsy and Big Cartel

All the products come in this cute little box and as soon as you begin to open the box the lovely scent of the soap and it's gorgeous. The box also includes a little fact sheet which lists all of the products and tells you a bit about them and also where you can buy them from and how much the products cost.

This beauty box is a Bi-monthly box and will normally contain 9 -15 products and these could be either full or trial size samples. At the minute you can only pay via Paypal but I think everybody has a Paypal account these days. The cost is 15$ which is around which is a little over £9 and Indiestyle ship worldwide.

I think these boxes are a lovely idea to help support handmade products from around the world as it means you can get to know about different products that you may never of heard of before.

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