Monday, 31 December 2012

Introducing The Graco Evo

A month or so ago now I was luckily enough to win the chance to review the new Graco EVO along with 4 other lucky ladies. This is just part one of the competition though the overall winner will then be chosen to become a Graco ambassador so good luck to the other ladies.

An introduction to the Graco EVO

First things first The Graco Evo was super easy to put together. I had never even attempted to put a pushchair together before so after a quick read through the well written and easy to follow instructions I set to work putting the EVO together.

The only thing you really need to with the frame is slot the wheels in to place. You don't need to use any screwdrivers or any tools they simply just slot in to place. The one time I did get in to a bit of a pickle was when I was putting the rear wheels on, if you can see in the centre of the wheel there is a cap that goes on. I put that on without realising you actually have to put a little clip inside which actually keeps the wheel on....silly me! So thankfully I managed to get the cap off again and then clip the wheel on properly.

The front wheels then just click in to place. You then have the option to have the front wheels locked or so that they can swivel, I decided that I was going to have the wheels so that they swivel to make the stroller easier to manoeuvre.

To open up the frame of the EVO you simply have to pull the leaver below and then the frame opens up. Which is great it's not fiddly to do at all and only takes seconds.

Taadaaa here we have the frame. With the Graco EVO you also have the choice to buy the car seat and carrycot so you can use it straight away right from taking your baby home from hospital until your baby grows in to a cheeky little toddler.(Thomas wanted to show his cheeky face in the photo) The frame itself is really light weighing just 6.5kg so no problem at all if you are lifting in in and out of car boots or on and off buses. The light weight also adds to the fact that the Stroller is really easy to manoeuvre.

The best thing for me is that when using the toddler seat you can either have it facing you or facing away. At the minute I love having Thomas facing me so that I can talk to him and keep my eye on him when we are out and about but I love the fact the option is there that in the future and I can turn him round so he can face the world and see where he is going.

To remove the seat to turn it around you simply push in the two grey clips that are located either side of the pushchair and then the seat just lifts off.

With the EVO you also get a good sized basket underneath which is a great size for shopping bags and you can actually fit quite a few things in there. Unlike other pushchairs I have seen where the basket is pretty useless. One thing I will say about the basket is that if you are using the seat as parenting facing then you can't really get things in and out of the basket very easily.

Another big plus point for me is that the EVO comes with a footmuff and raincover which is ideal for this time of year. Mind you we do live in England so we will probably need to use these all year round. Unlike my previous pushchair which I would have had to purchase a footmuff separately

Here is a front view of the EVO without the footmuff so you can see it a bit better. When you are first putting the stroller together you also need to clip the front bar across the stroller which just clicks in to place. The sun hood also comes separately which you can just clip in to place when you need it.

The Graco EVO collapses using just one hand all you need to to is push along the switch in the picture below and then pull in the other grey bit. (Did that make sense? It didn't did it) This is so handy one thing I will say is that the stroller wont collapse with the seat on in the parent facing position.

Overall I absolutely love the Graco EVO it makes using a pushchair actually enjoyable it is no longer a battle like with my old pushchair. The EVO is really easy to manoever which made shopping in the sales really easy which I never thought it could be whilst having a pushchair, I could just whizz around the aisles and through people it was brilliant. One thing I will say is like with all pushchairs check the measurements of it and make sure it fits in the boot of your car. Unfortunately when the EVO is folded up like the above photo it wont fit in our boot so we have to collapse it in 2 peices and put one bit in the boot and one in the backseat. Which isn't a problem as to be honest Thomas and I are rarely in the car and if we do need the car we can still all fit in.


  1. Hi sorry to be a pest. I have the same pram and also put the caps on the wheels.. well partner did and now my wheels won't stay on! What little clips I didn't see any and how do you get the caps off.
    Kaz :-)

    1. Hi

      There should have been some little silver metal clips that you fix the wheels on to the frame with and then you put the cap over. I'd phone where ever you got it from or take it back if the pushchair hasn't come with them as you obviously need them. As for taking the cap back off i poked a pen through the wheel from the other side and it forced the cap off


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