Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Joy And Joe Baby Wrap Review

I had been wanting to get in to baby wearing for a while, I loved the idea of being close to Thomas and its so much nicer to be able to have him right there to talk to and give his little forehead a kiss when ever I want. So I took to browsing the many different styles of baby slings and carriers. Just after Thomas was born I got a very basic Tomy carrier without doing any research and it was pretty rubbish and felt so uncomfortable.

So this time I did my research and then I then saw a review Amy who blogs at did about Joy & Joe Baby wraps and I decided to go with one of them. I liked the idea of a wrap more than a carrier as to be honest they look comfier and they are quite clever.

 I first bought a wrap from Joy & Joe which was black with white polka dots and that was £14.99 and then just recently I was lucky enough to win one in a competition they were holding on Twitter. The wraps come all folded up nice and neat like the below photo with a little instruction booklet but Joy & Joe also have Youtube videos which are easy to follow.

At first I was a bit dubious when I unraveled the wrap and thought I will never work out how to do this right but as I mentioned before the Youtube videos are really easy to follow. The baby wraps are really comfy and surprisingly don't put any strain on your back. I regularly walk to our local town and back with Thomas in the wrap. Baby wearing is also SO much easier than lugging your pram with you if you just need to quickly pop somewhere.
This purple wrap is part of Joy & Joe's Christmas collection and it has a nice little pouch/panel for your hand to keep them nice and warm.

There a couple of points you MUST follow when baby wearing and they are the easy to remember T.I.C.K.S.
In view at all times
Close enough to kiss.
Keep babies chin off their chest.
Supported back.
You can find more information on this here 

Thomas is such a nosey little thing and so he loves being in his wrap as it means he is up and able to look at the world around him with ease. The only downside to him being so inquisitive is that in shops he likes to throw himself back to look at the high shelves.

I am definitely a baby wearing convert I just wish I had started as soon as Thomas was born but at least I can still use these wraps until he is around 35lb or until he no longer wants to get in.

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