Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Koko Weaning Products Review*

KOKO have created products that make weaning on the go easy. Before having these I would have to take a jar, a bowl and a spoon out with us if we were going out anywhere that would clash with Thomas's dinner or tea time but now we have these all I need is a pouch of his food and the screw on spoon.


Firstly lets talk about the handy little screw on pouch spoons. These spoons can either be screwed on to the KOKO food pouches or the food pouches that you buy from the shops. I LOVE these what a brilliant idea. They make feeding so much easier when you are out and about. You could even use them in the car if you aren't near a rest stop. Plus the handy little container that you keep them in is perfect for making sure they don't get lost at the bottom of your bag.

The little hole in the spoon ensures that the food doesn't come out too quick. The oranges ones that we tried out are made from Polypropylene which is suitable from 6 months but if you have a baby that is under 6 months that you are weaning they also do Silicone ones which are more suitable for their mouths. I should imagine they might be a bit smaller as well. These little spoons retail for £3.99.

The next product we tried were the KOKO food pouches these are perfect for storing your homemade food and you can freeze them. You simply spoon the food in to the top of the pouch and then you can seal it back up again. These is also space so that can write what the food is and when you made it . These pouches are also dishwasher and microwaveable safe. For a pack of 10 pouches they retail for £4.99 which is great as they are reusable.

I have just clicked purchase on one of KOKO's fresh food feeder so I will update you on that when Thomas has tried it out.


  1. Wow I need to get this set its amazing esp as getting frozen food out of my Annabel Karmel trays can be a pain

  2. Hi, Have you seen the Fill n squeeze range of products. The pouch filler allows you to fill 4 pouches in seconds. appeals to a wide age group from 4+ to pre school year. The products will be available to purchase end of Jan 2013.

    The link below is to a 2 min advert which shows how the product works:


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