Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Letters To My Son #5

Hi Monkey

It's been a while since I have wrote to you so I thought I would write you a quick little letter which may turn quite long.
I really wish time would slow down you are growing so fast now I feel like you are changing from my little baby to my little boy, you are not only growing in size but you are growing as a person your cheeky personality grows by the day I can see Daddy and I will have our hands full with our cheeky little monkey. Why am I saying "will have" we already do have our hands full. You are currently obsessed with everything you shouldn't be. The living room floor could be full of toys and you will dodge them and head straight for any wires you may spot you favourite game is pulling the wires our of mine and daddies laptops. Sometimes you even turn to look at us to see if we are looking at what you are doing!
Your favourite toy at the minute is a £1 remote we bought you from the pound shop as you wont leave remotes alone so we bought you your very own one and you wont leave it alone.
You are able to get about quite easily now with your funny commando/frog hop crawl so we can't turn our backs for one minute before you are messing with something you shouldn't, gone are the days where you would quite happily lay in your play gym for ages you always need to be moving now and playing with things.
You are so inquisitive you are constantly looking at things taking the whole world in around you, which can be quite difficult when we are out shopping and you are in your baby sling and you throw your head back to look at something which may have caught your eye.

Christmas is fast approaching and I am so excited my first Christmas as a mummy to a beautiful precious little boy. I just can't help wish Christmas was still months away and I still had longer left on maternity leave with you. It makes me so sad to think February will soon be upon us and the time will come for me to go back to work and for you to start nursery. I know it will be great for you and your development and I know you will enjoy it but it makes me sad as it means my baby boy is getting older. I am so so so glad that I will only be working part time at first though which means we will still get lots and lots of Mummy & Thomas days we will just have to make them super special.

I will leave it there now baby boy and promise that I will write again very soon.

All my love
forever & ever
Mummy xxxx

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