Friday, 14 December 2012

Lilly & Sid Pram Blanket Review*

Now the cold weather is setting in it's time for a thicker blanket for Thomas to keep him warm on our little outings.That is where Lilly & Sid come in.
This beautiful knitted blanket is from a company called Lilly & Sid they sell lots of beautiful baby clothes, accessories and toys.Their blankets make beautiful gifts for expectant Mummys and they also have matching outfits available so that your trendy little one can be colour coordinated. There is a choice between knitted and jersey blankets in lots of lovely colours suitable for either girls, boys or unisex.

As you can see Thomas loves his new blanket and it is so snuggley for keeping him warm on our little walks. These beautiful blankets are just the right size so I find they can either be used in your pushchair, Moses basket or simply for when they are enjoying a nice afternoon nap on the sofa.

The quality of these blankets is brilliant they feel really well made and are super soft and not scratchy at all which is what comes to mind when I normally think of knitted blankets but this will be lovely against your babies skin.

As I mentioned earlier Lilly & Sid don't just do blankets they also do childrens clothing and what I am also looking forward to is there new collection of boys clothing early next year which will go up to 8 years of age. Now where can I get an adult version of this blanket?....

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