Saturday, 29 December 2012

Mummy Diaries, Pregnancy - Stumbling into the unknown Book review

FINALLY a honest book about pregnancy. We all know that pregnancy isn't a bed of roses and it is rarely perfect. When I was pregnant I read a few books on pregnancy written by health professionals who only talk about the medical side of pregnancy and celeb books who make pregnancy seem like this wonderful easy time in your life and I imagine these types of books have a ghost writer so it leaves you wondering how much of the book is true.
As us mummies know pregnancy isn't always easy and here there is finally a honest account of what pregnancy is like. It can put a strain on your relationship and it can be difficult at times and Louise is not afraid to touch on that.

The first part of this book is written in diary form and shares Louise's thoughts and feelings through her pregnancy which I loved, I love reading books that are in diary form as it feels like you really get to know the author and it feels a lot more personal. The next part of the book is short pregnancy and birth stories from Louise's close friends. I thought this was a great touch to show that pregnancies aren't the same they are a very personal and unique experience. The final part of the book is filled with some hints and tips from Louise on how to cope with every part of pregnancy.

By the end of the book I felt myself getting broody just reading this made me remember how much I enjoyed being pregnant and what a beautiful and amazing experience it actually is no matter what happens even if it doesn't go according to plan.

I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this book being able to follow Louise's ups and downs it was like listening to a friend talk. It is a great read whether you are newly pregnant or just fancy a good read. If you fancy reading this book yourself you can find it here

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