Saturday, 8 December 2012

Our Weaning Journey - Finger Foods

Thomas is now 6 months old and now the time has come where he can start to try a wider variety of flavours and textures at meal times. I was excited to reach this point with Thomas so that he can try lots more different meals and I think it also gets easier that he can try more of the foods that we are eating.
On his 6 month birthday his special new dinner to try was some scrambled egg and half a slice of toast ( I know wow what a lucky boy hehe) It is safe to say Thomas loves his toast as soon as he picked it up he knew exactly where it was suppose to go he sucked it until it was all soggy and easy for his little gums to nibble on. Before he tried any sort of harder foods I was a bit worried it sounds silly now but I was thinking like how does he know he has to chew this and not just swallow it and I was panicking in case he started choking on anything but babies just know what to do then again eating is a natural thing.

The next foods he tried was a mixture of things I softened some carrot sticks and broccoli a couple of slices of pepper and a couple of pasta swirls. I think we may have been a bit too late at night with this as he wasn't very interested in the only thing he really tried were the peppers and after being a bit unsure at first he seemed to get use to the strange taste. So for now I think I may keep the finger foods for lunch times until he gets more use to feeding himself and then carry on giving him purees for tea but I wont be making them as smooth now I will be giving them more texture.

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