Saturday, 1 December 2012

Popchips A Tasty Review*

Popchips are different to most other savoury snacks, I first thought that to make them healthier then they would be baked but I was wrong Popchips aren't fried or baked but as their name states they are popped like popcorn.

Popchips are super healthy they contain only 95 calories per 23g which is about 19 chips and as they are a little bigger than normal crisps so feel like you are eating more. They have no trans fats and no Cholesterol. You can get them in either single serve bags or share bags, but lets be honest I couldn't bare to share a bag of these and I won't be they will be saved until David isn't around.

Even though these are quite a healthy snack they are full of flavour, I adore any sort of chilli crisps and these are so yummy and they really do taste like Thai sweet chilli.  There are no fake flavours or colours, you don't get really greasy fingers when you are eating the chips and there are no hydrogenated fats or preservatives

You can purchase Popchips from Waitrose, WHSmith, Selfridges to name a few and you can also order them from Ocado and Amazon so you don't even have to leave your settee to get some. To find out more visit

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