Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sensory Play Fun With Pasta

So the next sensory play activity we tried was playing with pasta and spaghetti. I wanted to wait until Thomas was at the 6 month mark before we tried this little activity as anything you give to Thomas goes straight for his mouth.

Thomas had great fun picking the pasta up and squishing it between his fingers and making a mess. The look of concentration on his face when he was trying to pick some of them up and they slipped out of his fingers because they were slippy was so cute. He also tried passing the little bits of pasta from one hand to the other. This is a good little activity to get the hand eye coordination going and helps babies to get better at picking up smaller objects. It is also the first steps to messy play which I am looking forward to.
This little activity kept him quite for ages, long enough for mummy for fold all the washing anyway. Needless to say he nibbled a few bits but didn't really know what to make of that taste and texture.

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