Sunday, 2 December 2012

Snoozebaby App Review

I will admit I am pretty rubbish at remembering when Thomas last napped and how long for so when I was told about this app I downloaded it straight away to test it out to see what is was all about.


It is super easy to use all you need to do is to press the asleep button when your baby naps which sets off the timer and then once your baby has woken up again you just need to press the wake up button and then it shows when you baby last woke up and how long their last sleep was. So it is good for not only recording how long you baby is sleeping for but also when their last sleep was so you know when they are next due for a nap.
When you have recorded your babies sleep pattern it then shows you daily summaries of how much sleep your child is having and when

So if like me you are quite forgetful sometimes you need this app on your phone. You can read more about this app on and what's best the app is FREE to download so search for it on the app store from your phone or take a look here

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