Friday, 7 December 2012

So Baby Organic Baby Food Review*

Thomas and I are really enjoying the weaning process and I love introducing new foods and different tastes to Thomas and so far he has enjoyed pretty much everything that you put in front of his face.
When we received these pots of purées from I wondered whether he would like the flavours as they are quite unusual for baby foods. If you have looked at baby foods by brands such as Cow and Gate and Hipp you will have noticed they have pretty normal sounding foods like Cottage pie, potato bake and Sunday dinner. Normal yes but they all smell the same and when I have tested them they pretty much all taste similar too.

The flavours that Thomas tried were Butternut squash & Orange, Lentil & Veggies, Minted Pea & Potato and Sweetcorn Chowder they all sounded so yummy and I will be honest I tested them all too, Well you have to don't you, to check they are the right temperature ;) They are as yummy as they sound.

I have been reading up on the So Baby website about their foods and found out the reason why their foods come frozen it is so they don't have to be pasturised like most other baby foods and this means they don't skimp on taste and there is nothing in the food that shouldn't be there.
The pots that the food comes are also 100% BPA free so they are safe for your baby to eat from.

We tried the stage 1 Purees but they are also lots more yummy flavours in stage 2 as well The stage 1 pots retail on the site for £1.55 and the stage 2 are £2.75. Visit their shop to find out more

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  1. Wow!! they look amazing, and very cute packings..I hope they taste good to babies too.

    Organic Baby Products


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