Saturday, 29 December 2012

Thomas's 1st Christmas.

Christmas 2012 has been the best Christmas ever. Forget when you were little and it was all about you getting lots of presents, watching your child open their presents is the best thing ever. Even though Thomas didn't have a clue what was going on and why we kept making him rip paper and where all these new toys kept coming from it was so lovely to watch. We also finally made use of the camcorder my dad bought David and I for a wedding present and we recorded Thomas opening his gifts in the morning so that David's family can watch when we next see them.

Christmas Eve Thomas had a little present to open which was a new bedtime story especially for Christmas and he also had his Santa Pyjamas to wear.

Thomas looking really excited for all of his presents as if he knew what was coming. These presents were just a few of us and then Davids mum and sister completely spoilt him. Lucky little boy.
We didn't really take that many photos of him unwrapping his presents as we were recording it.
Thomas at Grandad's house after he had just opened his presents and then he immediately started to pull himself up to standing on that bus you can see in the corner of the picture.
Dinner time!!! It looks like Thomas is stuffed out the way but we did pull him closer to the table.
Thomas's place was set with his own special cracker.
Munching on a Yorkshire Pudding for the first time. When I was pregnant we use to call Thomas a Yorkshire pud as his Daddy is from Yorkshire.
I think the hat was a little too big
Funny Face
I adore this present off my Auntie.
Yummy treats my mum bought for after dinner.
Playing with noisy toys whilst Daddy is trying to watch Dr Who.
Love, love, love these from my mum as we are big, Big Bang fans.

Shattered after his first Christmas. 
Christmas 2012 DONE roll on 2013


  1. Gorgeous boy! Sounds like a fab Xmas!

    Jess xo

  2. Awwwww Thomas is adorable; looks like he had a great day.

    Hope you and the fam had a lovely time :)


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