Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thomas's First Christmas Party

On the 17th December Thomas had his very first Christmas party at his playgroup so I thought I would share a few photos with you from the party.
Thomas was the most Christmassy baby there, I thought the other babies would have been looking a bit more festive but they weren't oh well Thomas looked super super cute. He is wearing his Santa hat, my first Christmas bib and then a little grey t-shirt that says "Too cute to be on the naughty list"
And he most certainly is too cute.

There were lots of tables with party food  which we all tucked it too. The best thing about Christmas is all the buffet food you seem to have everywhere.

Thomas tried some new foods too which he did really well with, As you can see on the photo above there were little sandwiches so we gave Thomas a tuna one and a spread cheese one and he did pretty well with them. Then for a special treat we gave him a wotsit, a teddy bear crisp, a chocolate finger and a couple of little mouthfuls of jelly and ice cream. I think the jelly was a big hit he kept helping me guide the spoon in to his mouth.

 And then he met SANTA. He was the only one who didn't cry when he got close to him. Obviously Thomas was the only one that tried to pull off Santa's beard the little tinker.

 Before we left Thomas fell asleep he was all partied out bless him and he slept for a whole HOUR he really must have been tired after all the fun and excitement hehe.

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  1. aww what a cutie he seems to look as though he was enjoying it


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