Friday, 14 December 2012

Wakey Wakey....*

...Rise and shine Ella's Kitchen have bought out some new breakfast porridge's to give your little ones the best start to the day. These breakfasts are 100% organic. There is now added refined sugar or salt, no added additives or thickeners just lovely porridge.

The flavours sound so yummy as you can see the flavours Thomas has been trying are Strawberry, mango & Banana and Mango & Apple. The porridges come in these handy pouches so that you can pour our the exact amount that you want and then all you need to do is mix them with your babies normal milk and make them to the right consistency for your baby.

I think using the pouches is brilliant as it will keep the porridge oats fresher for longer. We have had other breakfast oats from different brands in the cardboard boxes and I just don't think you can keep them as fresh and I normally end up throwing them away before Thomas finishes the box.

As you can see from Thomas's cheeky little smile and empty bowl these porridge's were a real hit with him and he gobbled his breakfast all up. (He didn't feed himself by the way)

Ella's Kitchen Breakfast porridges are available in most supermarkets and retail for around £2.49 for a 150g pouch and I think depending on how much your baby eats you will get quite a lot of breakfasts out of one of these pouches.

When your little one reaches 12 months there are also Wakey Wakey Round ones which look like Cheerios great for little fingers to pick up and they could either try them with milk or yoghurt.

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