Sunday, 9 December 2012

Yummy Mummy - My Top 5 Winter Polishes

As it turns to winter my choice in nail polish changes once again, they turn a little more festive. Perfect I think for this time of year.

From left to right we have No7 Milan, I have had this nail varnish for years now and it is still great and hasn't dried up in fact it's as good as the day I got it.

Nails Inc Hampstead heath - I love this beautiful deep red colour perfect if you want a lovely Christmassy red but don't want something really bright. I just wish it wasn't Nails Inc as I hate their nails varnishes they just don't last, even with a top coat.

Nails Inc Victoria - Again a lovely wintery colour this is a very deep sort of plum red I just really wish the staying power was better.

17 Forever - This isn't exactly a wintery colour but I do love a good nude nail varnish. This colour is great I thought it would need loads of coats but just two or three and it is really opaque

Lastly is a Natural Collection polish in Burgundy. This is the ultimate festive colour in my opinion its a lovely bright red with a lovely shimmer.


  1. the natural collection one is lovely, really festive. xx

  2. Ive got the No7 one too and like you have had it for years, i love it! X


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