Monday, 7 January 2013

An Introduction To Skinny Sprinkles*

Last night I stepped on the scales for the first time in over a month and I was pretty disgusted when the digits showed up on the screen. I seriously need to do something about it, you see I am one of those people who moan and complain about their weight yet still find it so hard to find the motivation to actually do anything about it even though I hate my body at the minute.

I think my main problem is being at home all day every day I am so close to food all the time and especially now there is still Christmas chocolates floating around. Whenever I get a bit bored I head to the cupboards. I really need David to either eat all the snacks or hide them somewhere!

In my quest to stop my terrible snacking habits I am going to be trialing Skinny Sprinkles over the next couple of weeks. Skinny Sprinkles is a weightloss drink for those of us who are snackers or who's portion sizes are too big.
There are a few clever ingredients that are in Skinny Sprinkles are Glucomannan which helps to make you feel full as it absorbs water so when it reaches your tummy it swells giving you the full feeling, it then turns in to a sort of gel solution. This is why when you are mixing the solution you need to drink it within 5 minutes.

The second ingredient is Inulin which helps prevent the sugar rush and also helps to reduce sugar cravings. Also as Inulin isn't absorbed you don't take in any extra calories. It also is a carbohydrate storage so it means it makes the energy you absorb from the carbs you eat last longer so that you feel more energised and it keeps hunger at bay for longer.

There is also a natural caffeine, Yes a natural caffeine! That comes from Guarana and Green tea so it will leave you feeling more alert and energises without the need of your usual morning coffee, which will also cut calories.

Skinny Sprinkles are not meant to be used as a meal replacement, you are suppose to drink them if you are feeling the need to snack or half hour before a meal so that you can try and cut your portion sizes down. For this reason I think I will get on well with them, I don't think I could hack diets like the Cambridge diet or other diets similar where you are using meal replacements, although how I am feeling at the moment I think I would give anything a go!

I will update you on my progress after my first week using them so make sure you stick around. In the mean time check out Skinny Sprinkles website


  1. Sorry, its a pet hate of mine when companies try to use scientific sounding words or words like 'natural' to convince us that their product is somehow different.

    All caffeine is 'natural'. Its a product that plants make as an insecticide. Which is why aribica coffee (the good expensive stuff) has less caffeine than robusta coffee (the cheap stuff) because aribica plants grow on high slopes where there are fewer insects, but it makes it harder to harvest (hence the price), whereas robusta grows in the flat valleys.

  2. I've used this and can say that it tastes awful but I did loose a bit of weight

    1. The first tried them I didn't like the taste i think they need a bit of getting use to x

  3. Im interested to know how you get on with these. Were u sent them to trial????

  4. I think I need to get hold of these! I hope they work! xx

  5. I think that the idea of the product is pretty interesting, I haven't heard about weight loss drinks before. I think it can be a great product, cause I have heard that they sometimes send free trials, which is a sign of a good product. One thing that it maybe not for everyone is that caffeine isn't good for all people.



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