Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Annabel Karmel's Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner *

Thomas is making really good progress with his weaning but recently I have started try and make more homemade meals for him instead of relying on the jars, but I was fast running out of ideas on what to make him. I also didn't really want to be making two separate meals every night for us both so I wanted to learn how to make meals that could be easily adapted to suit us both, Plus this way I would be watching what I eat more . As you know babies can't eat the exact same meals as us as our meals can be very salty for example babies can't have the same gravy as us or they can't eat foods that you make with stock cubes as they are too salty. So this books gives you ways around this. For example there is a recipe on how to make your own chicken stock.

The book is full of lots of weaning advice from what foods you can try as first foods right from baby's first tastes with basic meal ideas and then it gives you a meal plan idea for when you are first wanting to introduce foods to your baby. Then it takes you on to the second stage of weaning when your baby has tried out all the basic flavours then it gives you recipes to try out which are more like meals instead of just one flavour. Thomas is really enjoying the food I have been making him so far we have tried Cauliflower cheese and cheesy vegetable pasta just to name a couple and he has wolfed them down. After each section of the book there is an example meal plan so that you don't feel like you are just feeding your baby the same things which was one of my concerns before reading this book.

I can't wait to try out more of the recipes over the next few weeks with Thomas, I think the next recipes we will try out is a chicken casserole and then maybe chicken with a tomato sauce and then i will be able to have them with him. I'm also looking forward to the next next section of the book when Thomas moves on to stage 3 as the meals sound really yummy and I will definitely be making more for me to try with him too.
If you want to purchase this book it is available form Amazon Baby & Toddler meal planner


  1. hey,
    i nominated you for the versatile blogger award, see my blog for what to do :)
    Laura x

  2. I was sent this book the other day to review. I cant wait to start making some food for Amelia from it.
    Glad Thomas is liking his food.


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