Thursday, 10 January 2013

Breathable Baby Cot Bumper And Blanket Review*

The Breathable Baby cot bumper was designed as a safer option than the normal bed bumper as it is made from a breathable mesh material which helps to reduce the risk of your baby breathing in Carbon Dioxide or suffocating. The cot bumper comes in two parts and is longer than most other cot bumpers. The great thing about these bumpers is that they can be adapted to fit almost any type of cot whether it has slats all the way around or is solid ended and can even be used on oval shaped cots. With the bumpers being longer than most it can also fit on Cot beds.

The bumper comes with an instruction leaflet which explains how to fit the bumpers correctly depending on which cot you have. 

  Here is a view of how the bumper looks on the outside of the cot as you can see it looks neat (I'm sorry about the lighting in the photos this winter lighting is doing my head in now) 
The bumpers come in a choice of 5 different colours and designs to match your bedroom. Thomas has the Safari Fun design which I love as it will be great when we finally decorate his bedroom.

The next thing we have tried out is the Breathablebaby Soft Mesh Blanket. The blanket uses a unique fabric construction that ensures excess body heat escapes, to keep your baby at the right temperature and to make sure your baby doesn't overheat I will say this blanket is pretty thin so I will only be using it as a summer blanket at the minute I just use it when he has a nap and we have the heating on.
Like the bumper it is available in three different  colours and each has a little animal in the corner which is cute.

You can buy these products from the Breathable Baby website

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