Thursday, 17 January 2013

Graco EVO Makes Shopping Easy For Mummy

Before the EVO came in to our lives mummy use to dread going shopping, especially when the shops were busy as my old pushchair was such a big heavy thing it was a struggle to move about and tight gaps...well they were literally a no go. With the Evo getting in and out of lifts are a doddle the turning circle with this pushchair is brilliant we can now move out of the smallest of gaps.
I know i'm asleep on most of these pics but silly mummy didn't get any when I was awake but I just can't help falling asleep when i'm all snug in my pushchair.

The basket below is brilliant for storing mummy's smaller bags the only problem like mummy has said before is that it isn't that easy to get to when I'm sitting looking at mummy but she doesn't mind as she gets to see my beautiful face which is more important. Maybe when i'm a bit older she will move me around but I don't think she is very keen on that idea. Mind you neither am I, I like being able to see my mummy when we are out it makes me feel safe plus we can talk to each other in our special way.

Daddy needed new trainers and this time we can help him look ( I say we can help but I fell asleep as I was so snug and comfy) as we can fit down these narrow aisles normally we have to wait out of the way in some shops. Which I don't like because i'm nosey I like to have a look around not today though as I was pretty tired, it's hard work being a cheeky monkey

Even Daddy doesn't mind pushing the EVO in his words "I like it. it's very move-able" Yes Daddy, yes it is. Daddy also commented on how light it was too when he was getting it out of the car.

I don't mind going shopping anymore with mummy as long as I'm in my Evo as it's comfier me and makes shopping easier for mummy.

I hope you liked my first my thoughts on my Evo I thought I had better give my opinion too seeing as thought I'm the one who has to sit in it.


  1. I do like the look of these! we had a little trip into mothercare the other day, but it all got a bit overwhelming so we left!
    We need something with extending handles as husband is 6'6 so doesnt want to stoop when he's pushing!

    1. I really love it. Unfortunately The handles don't extend though


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