Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Idealcases Kindle Case Review*

IdealCases is a fab website where you can design your own personalised cases for your electronic devices. You can create a new home for your Iphone, Ipad, Samsung, Kindle and more. Plus what's better is the prices are affordable too. I have been put off sites like this before especially when I was looking for a phone cover because they are just so expensive but here you can get a quality personalised plastic case for your phone from just £12.49!

I chose the Kindle case as a new home for my Kindle Touch. You can personalise the case so that it is exactly how you want it whether you want just one photo to cover the whole case or you want your photos to appear in a grid like I chose. You can also choose different grids with different amounts of photos. The background is also customizable you can choose different colours and patterns, I went with a lovely baby blue.

Your Kindle is kept in place by 4 bits of elastic so it is secure. On the opposite side is a little slot for your hand so that you can hold you case easily. I've not seen this before on a case so I think it's a really good little extra.

The back on the case is just plain black leather which is nice but I think I would prefer if you had the choice to customize the back too.

I love the case it is really sturdy and feels really good quality. This type of case retails for £29.99 and I think it will be a case that lasts.

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  1. This looks good. Might have to check them out as want to customise an ipad cover.


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