Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Letters To My Son 8 Month Update

Dear Thomas

You are now 8 months old and I just can't believe how fast time is going I go back to work in a couple of weeks and you will be starting nursery properly. You have been doing a few hours at nursery and you are enjoying it. I was a bit worried because you can be quite clingy to me but you have been fine. In fact I am surprised how well you have been getting on. I think the real test for both of us will be when you do your first full day at nursery and I do my first full day at work. I will miss you like crazy and there wont be a second that goes by that I wont be thinking about you and wondering whether you are ok and having fun.

Over the last few weeks you are becoming more and more of a handful, the days that you would sit in your chair whilst mummy gets things done is long gone unless you are being fed you don't like sitting in your chair for more than 5 minutes. You pull yourself up on every sort of surface available and you have had a few bumps and tumbles but I think with you we will be having a lot more of those.
You have also started to crawl properly now although you can get around so much faster and easier I kinda miss your special little crawl I'm so glad that we have a video of it so that we don't forget it.

Bedtimes are still a trauma though you really don't take after me on that front I just don't understand why babies don't like going to sleep it's a good thing I would love more of it! Plus you are always in a much better mood after a good sleep. Maybe something to think about?

I will write to you again soon. Perhaps after I have done my first few weeks at work.

All my love forever and ever
Mummy xxx

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