Sunday, 20 January 2013

Project 365 Week 3

January 14th 
Pinching Mummys banana

January 15th
Just chilling sucking his thumb

January 16th
Hiding under the table

January 17th
Stopping mummy from doing the cleaning

January 18th
Thomas's first time in the snow

January 19th
Double trouble

January 20th
All the toys Thomas has and he messes up the candles so he can get up here and bang

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  1. love the double trouble, and candles and fireplaces are much more fun that toys and the floor

  2. A gorgeous collection of photos. He is lovely. Cleaning should always take second place to cuddling a sleeping baby, they grow up too quickly!

  3. Ah, sometimes it's the simple things - like making a loud banging noise! Did Thomas like the snow?

  4. Sooo cute! This year I start the 365days project too, can't wait to see more of yours!

  5. Great photos. How did he find his first experience of snow? My little boy spent most of the time crying!

  6. I adore the banana munching photo but the mirror snap is the best I've seen in ages!

    Thanks for linking up.


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