Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Skinny Sprinkles My Thoughts And Giveaway

I hope you have all read my first post on the wonderful Skinny Sprinkles well I wanted to update you on how I have been getting on with them.
I LOVE them! I will admit having them with water at first took a bit of getting use to but I then tried it with milk and I love it, it's just like having a milkshake. I know you are having a few more calories having them mixed with milk but you will still be saving on lots of calories.

I have been having about 2 drinks a day, 1 just before dinner and then 1 before my tea and they really do leave me feeling fuller and this is because they turn in to a gel like substance when they are mixed with a fluid so you really do have to be quick when you drink it. I haven't been having big portion sizes and I have also cut down on snacks a lot. Want to hear the best bit? I have lost 2lb just in the last week and I really do think these have helped I almost feel like these have weaned me off snacking, I just don't want or need to snack anymore.

I have an exciting giveaway for you today. Skinny Sprinkles have very kindly offered 3 lots of their 9 sachet trial pack so that 3 lucky winners can give them a go for themselves. I love these sachets as you can just put a couple in your bag and mix them with some water when you need them. What are you waiting for? Get entering.

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