Saturday, 26 January 2013

Spending Ban Update 3 & 4

Firstly I didn't update last weekend as I had a cold and didn't feel like doing anything never mind blogging. So today I bring you an update of the last 2 weeks. The spending ban is still going strong and the only things I have bought is my normal food shopping plus a white board for my weekly Slimming world meal plans that will be going in the kitchen and a new oven tray and frying pan they were all needed so I haven't broke my ban that way.

Yesterday I did need to do some clothes shopping to get some new clothes for when I go back to work as when I finished for my maternity leave I got rid of most things as they were all old and tired and plus my trousers wouldn't even fit me now if I still had them anyway :( I only got a few bits some from Primark which were payed for by a gift card I had left from Christmas and a couple of items from New Look, I am actually taking the trousers I got from there back as they were more expensive than I thought when I checked the receipt and I'm thinking I only want a cheap pair of trousers for now as I'm hoping it wont be long before I at the size I want to be then I can get a better pair. Good motivation right?

That is kinda how I am looking at everything now. I don't even want to buy new clothes now as I don't want to waste my money on clothes that I hope will be too big for me soon.

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  1. Can't believe you're doing a 100 day spending ban! I'm currently doing a 30 day one, and it's only been a week so far, everything just seems so tempting!
    Good luck :)


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