Saturday, 5 January 2013

Spending Ban Week 1

I know it hasn't been a week since I started the 100 day spending ban but I wanted to do my updates at the weekends so I thought I would do my first update today. It is day 5 of the ban and I am doing well so far mind you I have only been near shops twice. The first was on New Years day which was the first day of the ban I went to Tesco to get a few food bits but I stayed away from all the other aisles. Then on Friday David needed to go to town to get a few new bits. We only went to the shops that he wanted to so I was away from temptation, Once we went to Primark I just bypassed the Womens section. I did well right?

I know it is only week one but I hope I manage to keep up the motivation for the next 95 days and manage to save up a chunk for our new settee which we do desperately need.
I know quite a lot of other bloggers are doing the ban how are you all getting on?


  1. Well done managing to avoid making a sneaky purchase in Primark. That's one place I'll definitely have to stay out of for the next 95 days, my eyes are always massively attracted to the small price tags.

    I'm doing well so far. Haven't even been tempted! x

  2. Well done for stopping yourself and good luck with your challenge x

  3. Wow, this is quite a challenge. I will be so impressed if you manage it - I certainly wouldn't


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