Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Bed Bumper from Purple Daisies Review*

It is no secret and I am not afraid to admit that sometimes I co-sleep with Thomas there are some nights when it can be so difficult to get him to settle in his own cot or just recently he has been suffering with a cold and has been waking quite often in the night. So the best thing for everybody has been for Thomas to come in to our bed. We always make it as safe as we can when Thomas sleeps in our bed David is relegated to the settee as I don't want Thomas getting too hot and I don't think Dads are as aware of their movements as Mums are with their babies.

The bed bumper is a really simple invention as is quite a multipurpose product as it can be used for co-sleeping and as a bed guard when your child moves in to their own proper bed which I will touch on later. Anyway as I said the bed bumper can be used to make co-sleeping safer, it is a foam bumper which you can purchase in 2 sizes which are 50cm and 100cm and they are so simple to use you simply tuck them underneath your bed sheet at the edge of the bed. The bumpers are 12.5cm height so they are tall enough so that your baby can not roll over them. Which is much more safer than simply putting a pillow in the way. You could also put one in between you and your baby if you wanted so that they have their own section of the bed but they can still feel like they are close to you.

The bed bumpers can also be used to make your child's transition from their cot to their grown up bed easier. They don't look babyish and so your child will still feel like a grown up as well as giving you peace of mind that they aren't going to fall out of bed, it also keeps your child's duvet from falling off and they wont loose their favourite teddy overboard. They are also super easy to transport so if your child is sleeping away from home or you are going on holiday they will take up no space at all in your car.

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