Tuesday, 8 January 2013

There Are A Million Reasons Why I Love My Son But Here Is A Few

  • That smile, oh that beautiful smile
  • His beautiful laugh that in itself makes me laugh.
  • His cheeky personality
  • The way he snuggles up to be when he sleeps in my bed
  • The dopey look he has when he has just woken from a nap
  • I love watching him play and wondering what is going through his mind
  • I love our squealing competitions
  • I love it when we have funny 5 minutes he giggles his head off and I end up in tears with laughter
  • His teeny little toes
  • His chubby little hands
  • I love how he crawls he has his own little funny way and I love it so much better than the proper way
  • I love how he looks when he is asleep
  • I love that he is a mummys boy
  • I love that he is super ticklish 
  • I love that he still falls asleep on me from time to time
  • I love how he has my nose
  • I love it when he sucks his thumb
  • I love it when he snores
  • I just love Thomas and everything about him


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