Friday, 18 January 2013

Thomas's First Time In The Snow

If you have you checked Facebook, Twitter or Instagram recently you will know it has been snowing. I never normally get excited about snow in fact I normally hate it because it means tackling the roads in order to get work and back but this year I am actually glad we have got snow at the minute, I just hope it goes before my maternity leave finishes and then I don't want any more for the rest of the year.

So earlier on today Thomas and I got all wrapped up to go outside and see the snow. When we first went outside Thomas looked really puzzled like he was thinking "Well it doesn't normally look like this when we leave the house" I was actually surprised at how deep it was, well over ankle height and it's still falling.

We didn't stay out too long as obviously it was bitterly cold and Thomas wasn't too keen on the snow blowing in his face but we did stay out long enough to take a little photo of Thomas and I with the snow.

He wouldn't look up at the camera because of the snow in his face. I hope we have snow next year so we can build a snow man, but can we have it on when I'm not working?


  1. This is cute! Glad you're enjoying the snow :)

  2. Aww Lovely! Thor didn't take to the snow this year! maybe next year!


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