Saturday, 12 January 2013

Weight Loss Diary #2

Since my last update I have had 2 pretty good days, all of my meals have been healthy and I haven't been snacking which I think is definitely because of Skinny Sprinkles My only problem is the calorie counting, It just isn't for me at all the fitness pal app is telling me I should be eating 1200 calories a day but that is so hard even when you are eating healthily.

I have also started a little weight loss chat group with some fellow bloggers who are wanting to loose weight but like me were looking for friends for some motivation. So far we are all doing really well I can't wait until we can share our successes with each other.

I think I have also made my mind up to try Slimming World. After speaking to so many other people who have done really well on it I think it could be the diet for me. As I said I'm not a points counter and this diet sounds like its pretty free. So hopefully I will be starting that in a couple of weeks I have been talking to David about it and he is happy for me to go for it. I was worried about the price but it will only work out to be about £20-25 a month and when you think about it you could spend more than that on take-aways a month (Not that I would even be having take aways as they are part of my spending ban)


  1. I did slimming world after having each one of my 3 children. It was just too much to have to motivate myself and plan a diet as well as look after a small baby. It is a great diet - I was never hungry and always felt well on it. Each time I lost 2 stone very quickly. X

  2. Slimming World was the diet for me.. I tried Weight Watchers but the point counting was just too much. Slimming world was so much easier with there Red Days and Green Days and you can basically eat as much as you like on those days as long as it falls into the category. I lost nearly 2 stone and was so pleased with the result and if I was to go back on a diet it would definitely be slimming world!

    Good luck. :)


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