Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bedtime Update

A couple of weeks ago I posted an admission  that Thomas wasn't a good sleeper, in fact that's putting it nicely most nights were an absolute nightmare and I was left feeling completely exhausted after a hour long fight, some nights even longer.

A couple of weeks ago now Thomas cut his first tooth, this pesky little toothy peg had been giving my little boy some right jip and I know now that was definitely to blame to the bedtime traumas. Since Thomas cut the tooth he has been a different little boy at bedtime, he is so easy to get to sleep now and falls in to a deep enough sleep I can put him straight in his cot after he's finished his bottle and then he has been sleeping through until we need to get up. On my days off I have actually woke up before him!

So want to know how I got him use to sleeping in his own cot again? at first I tried putting him to sleep with one of my tops so he could feel the warmth and my scent but that didn't fool him he still woke up, so I got in with him.... Yep if Thomas cried when I put him down which he used to do most nights I decided to get in the cot with him. Guess what he settled straight away, I did this for a couple of nights and now he's completely fine and I don't need to bother.

I know this probably wont last as soon as his next tooth starts to come through I know we will probably be thrown back to the screaming tantrums at bedtime but at least for now Thomas and I can enjoy a nice calm bedtime and a good nights sleep.

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  1. I've done it too haha!! We naughtily let Rio sleep in our bed when he was ill to keep an eye on him and he got far too used to it.


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