Thursday, 7 February 2013

John Greed Jewellery Valentine's Day Challenge

Pandora Silver Pram Charm - £30.00
Pandora Silver Bracelet- £55.00
Pandora Silver Love Heart Charm - £30.00
Thomas Sabo Classic Silver and Black Zirconia Bow Necklace - £86.00Pandora Silver Heart Ring - £35.00

A silver Pandora bracelet, a silver pram charm and a love heart charm - I have been wanting to start a Pandora bracelet for so long so I think I would choose the classic silver bracelet and then the charms I would choose to start me off would obviously have to be a pram charm for Thomas and then a love heart charm for my love for Thomas and David. I love charm bracelets as they have so much meaning behind them when each charm is specially and thoughtfully picked.

Thomas Sabo Bow Necklace - This is quite a different necklace for me, most of my necklaces in the past have just been little heart necklaces and so this would make a lovely little change and it still a cute girly piece and I long to own something from Thomas Sabo.

Pandora Heart Ring - I have wanted this ring for so long, it is such a simple design and looks so pretty and dainty it would look right at home on my finger :) 

 This post is for the John Greed Valentine's competition you can enter here 

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