Friday, 1 February 2013

My Child Isn't A Good Sleeper

There I said it! Thomas IS NOT a good sleeper. We can't just magically place him in his cot after a nice warm bottle and watch him drift off peacefully and no he doesn't sleep from 7:30 right through for 12 lovely long hours. Nope at the minute bedtimes are a daily struggle a time of the day I have come to really dislike. What normally happens is Thomas finally drifts off in my arms and then when I put him down he wakes so I try talking softly to him and stroke his face but he doesn't want to know cue screaming and thrashing about god knows what our neighbors think. This normally happens quite a few times until I leave him to fall in a deep enough sleep and then he finally stays asleep in his cot for a couple of hours until he wakes up screaming which I think may be due to his teeth.

We use to have such a good routine Thomas was asleep by 7:30 almost every night normally he fell asleep during his bottle and then we carefully placed him in his bed and there he stayed until around 6-6:30am but at the beginning of December he caught a cold and wasn't sleeping very well as he couldn't breath through his nose. So that disrupted his sleeping pattern and once the cold went we just couldn't get Thomas back in to that routine no matter how hard I tried and this has obviously gone on for weeks now and now his gums are really hurting which makes him wake up screaming so they aren't helping matters so I really am at a loss.

I know at the minute I'm not helping myself because it gets to the point during the night where I am just too tired to fight anymore to get him to settle off I just end up bringing him in to our bed and so David gets kicked out ( I can't remember the last time he spent the whole night in our bed) so I know I am just making it harder for myself. Other than leaving him screaming his head off which I just cannot do I'm stuck. I have heard that controlled crying does work for some but personally I couldn't do it plus I think Thomas is too young for that.

I really don't know what to do to get our routine back, I normally try do put Thomas to bed now around 8-8:30 which I think is a bit too late but any earlier than that and he just screams and we go through the whole bedtime trauma until about 8pm anyway. So I think the only way forward is to try and get the bedtime settled for around 8 and then once that is sorted I will start bringing it forward by perhaps half an hour until we are at a time that is better for Thomas. Does that sound like a plan? I will also be putting him down with a t-shirt that I have been wearing to see if the warmth of that and my scent may help him feel a bit more settled in his cot like I am really there.

I will maybe do another post in a months time and let you know if we are having any success with bedtime.
Have you had any troubles with bedtime? What did you do that helped? 


  1. Aww what age is he? Ava is 16 months now but she didn't start sleeping properly until 14 months. It's so hard. I might have a few tips....!?! X

  2. We have just recently started having this problem... sort of! Oliver is 16 months now and has slept perfectly since the age of 12 weeks (7-730 every night pretty much!) and has gone off without crying for as long as I can remember. HOWEVER. The last two weeks, he is waking up around midnight (not every night but 1 or 2 a week) screaming blue murder and nothing will settle him. Literally nothing. We end up awake for the rest of the night, he will not sleep in our bed (or anywhere other than his cot for that matter) so I just have to sit up with him until he eventually passes out from exhaustion and i put him back in his cot. I have no idea what has started this, what is causing it or how to fix it! So I feel your frustration :-(

    Crying it out (or my version of it) has worked brilliantly with Oliver in the past but not this time! *sigh*

    Hope both our babies grow out of this soon! x

  3. I think every child is different, and the same thing won't work for each one. Don't give up! :) When my little guy was younger I had him in our room, so he got use to that. I started with nap time in his crib and eventually night time. His routine suddenly shifted too. I tried the "Crying it out" But after a week I gave up. I didn't want him to associate his crib with fear and stress, so I made it comfortable for him. Gave him a long bath and let him play, made sure his tummy was full, left a soft light on, and a few of his favorite small toys. He would fall asleep babbling and playing. I would remove a toy and make it dimmer with time, and he adjusted to the new routine and fell asleep pretty quickly cozy and comfortable. I think it just depends on the age and personality of each little one. Munchkin is now almost 2 1/2 and we have his light switch duct taped down now! :)

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