Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spending Ban Week 7 Catch Up

Firstly I haven't updated you on my spending ban for a couple of weeks I haven't given up I just haven't really wanted to write an update as I just felt like I was writing the samething every week.
The spending ban is still going well the only thing I have bought was a purse from Next a couple of weeks ago but I used a voucher I had from Christmas.

Other than that I haven't bought anything else and to be honest I haven't had any spare money to actually buy anything again this month. Any spare money I have had is going on a new settee which I am hoping to get fairly soon. As I've won an iPad I don't need to save up for that anymore so settee it is.

I need to also start meal planning again as I've noticed since I have been back at work I have started spending more money on food than I use to when I was home all day which is strange plus it will help my diet more.

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