Monday, 25 February 2013

Thomas's First Trips To The Park

Whilst we had some reasonably nice weather I decided to take Thomas for a walk around the park and to take him on the swings for the first time. Our local park is actually really nice compared to the other parks in Stoke so it's actually quite nice to visit it.

We headed straight for the swings first and Thomas was giggling as I pushed him but he seemed more interested in watching the other children running around and playing I think he was wishing that he could go off and run with them. I couldn't really catch a photo of him smiling but I don't care as I think the photo below is absolutely gorgeous in fact I'm actually in love with it I will have to get it printed out.

After the swings Thomas had a little go on the slide which made him smile I think he enjoyed it but obviously as I was holding him I couldn't take a photo, next time we will have to take daddy with us.

We had a slow walk back through the park and sat by the pond for a while so I could show Thomas the ducks I wish I had thought to take a photo. Thomas was fascinated by them watching them on the water and then all of a sudden they just flew off he was talking to me at the time and I would love to know what he was saying to me.

Thomas and I will definitely be visiting the park again soon.

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