Friday, 5 April 2013

Artist In Training

When I was little I loved to be creative whether it be painting, making things or just making up imaginary games and that is something I have always been excited to do with Thomas as he grows. I can't wait until we can get properly messy.

In the past we have done bits of painting and have done hand prints and foot prints but that was when Thomas was younger. Now he is getting older and he is good with his hands I decided to let him use some foam stampers himself.

At first I guided his hands and showed him what to do and made funny splodge noises when he stamped the foam down on the paper which he thought was hilarious. Soon he was splodging himself and smearing paint everywhere and having great fun.

Here are the beautiful paintings he created one for all his family. Thomas has already done lots of paintings at nursery and we have a lovely collection of cards and pictures he has bought home and I will treasure them for ever. They are the most precious things I have ever been given. All I need now is a nice little box to keep his art work in.

I'm so looking forward until we can try more crafts and get even more messy. I keep looking on Pinterest for ideas on creative messy play for babies. If you have any ideas please share them with me.


  1. Fab pics, and you've made me feel I can start painting soon with my baby son, as like the idea of using the high chair and coverall bib! My 3 year old loves crafting and painting, so it'll be nice to do something with both of them together soon. For ideas, I follow @jenniferjain and she's convinced me to try custard play when the summer comes :-)

  2. You should link this up with my messy monday post!
    I do lots of messy and sensory play, its fantastic fun for them and me too(though the cleaning up isn't as fun!)


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