Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to Create an Outdoor Living Space*

In Britain, we’re guilty of under-using our outdoor space. Given the unpredictable weather and endless months of rain, it can be really easy to forget that the garden is as an important a part of the living area as those within those four walls.
Despite being decidedly late, spring finally is on the way; so make the most of the warmer weather by creating an outdoor living space to be enjoyed throughout the spring and summer months.
Go bold
The greatest gardens are always the most colourful but you don’t need to have green fingers to have a beautiful, bright garden! Much outdoor furniture comes in vivid colours, meaning you have a veritable rainbow to choose from.
Fermob create fantastically colourful outdoor furniture with a huge spectrum of colours to choose from. Whatever your tastes and favourite colours are, choosing vibrant seating can enhance any garden.

Love to cook
There’s nothing better than a BBQ for summer parties, so rather than buying disposable ones that burn your grass, invest in a gas BBQ which will last for a few years. The Outback Spectrum Flatbed 3 Burner Gas BBQ is a great option as it essentially brings your kitchen outside.

In order to enjoy the delicious food you can cook up on your BBQ, invest in a long table for everyone to sit around. It makes it a lot easier for everyone to eat, on top of giving a traditional dinner party a summer twist!
Play with fire
Adding an outdoor fireplace or pit can really enhance most gardens. Outdoor heating has advanced rapidly in recent years so there is a lot of choice out there no matter your tastes or garden size.
Summer days can quickly drop cold, but with a fire feature there’s no need to take the party indoors. Plus, they are feature points for your lawn, such as this practical and beautiful Glow 75 Fire Pit from Raw Garden.
Don’t rain on my parade
In the same way that the weather can become suddenly freezing at the drop of a hat, the rain clouds can also open from a sky that was beautifully blue only moments ago. Shelter is a must for any British garden so you never have to take the party inside.
Glass verandas can help create a contemporary look which can also help provide shelter in the sunnier weeks. Likewise, sun and rain awnings can provide shelter from the weather, but are retractable should you wish to remove them;  To find examples of these, click here.
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to create the ultimate outdoor environment for when summer finally hits!

*This is a guest post in association with Nationwide Ltd

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