Saturday, 27 April 2013

When was the last time YOU slept through?

When you have a baby one of the most asked questions, usually from other mums is "is he/she sleeping through yet" as if it's a race for who's baby will sleep through the night first. I remember the first time Thomas slept through the night I woke I few times and checked on him and in the morning I felt lovely and refreshed. Then the next night he did it again but I woke a few times again and then struggled to get back to sleep because I kept thinking he will wake up soon so I might as well stay awake and wait.

Unless Thomas is poorly or teething he sleeps through but it got me thinking when was the last time I actually slept through the night? It certainly wasn't in the months leading up to his birth because from around 6 months I was up and down most of the night from going the toilet or needing to walk around because I was in pain. Then Thomas was born so I definitely didn't sleep through then until he was about 3 or 4 months old.

We then had a few months where Thomas slept through yet I still woke whenever Thomas stirred or whimpered in his sleep or I'd just wake up to listen out for him breathing a few times a night. So I didn't sleep through then.

Then Thomas started teething and every single night he would scream out in pain so up mummy got to soothe him and poor daddy would get kicked on to the settee so Thomas could come in our bed. I never slept properly then as the slightest movement would wake me, at least Thomas would sleep through the rest of the night.

We are currently in a gap between teething although I think it might be starting again but I still can not sleep through the night. I still wake up frequently through the night to listen to him breathe or go in to his room is he's breathing softly and I can't hear from our room (most of the time he's a heavy breather and snorer... Wonder when he gets that...David) It still wakes me when he whimpers as I'm permanently on call just in case he wakes up. At least Thomas gets a good night sleep through.

I think I will refrain from asking other mums if their baby sleeps through I'm not really bothered I'd be more jealous is the mums themselves slept through the night.

Do you sleep through?


  1. Im the same, Lilly (thankfully) sleeps through the night but i still have her cot next to my bed and i wake up a few times in the night to move her blanket and make sure she's ok. I hate the whole "does your baby sleep through" "is your baby crawling/walking/driving" thing too x

  2. I was lucky with Seb as he slept through from 6 weeks and never had any problems with sleep even when teething. Alex however sleepts for about 80% of the time and the other times ends up in our bed as i find we all get the most sleep that way. I am quite a heavy sleeper though and though i wake if they cry(i also woke once when Seb was sick in the night even though he wasn't being loud i just knew) i sleep pretty well otherwise. x

  3. I'm exactly the same with Riley, we're very lucky that he's slept through since he was very young but i still wake up frequently throughout the night and feel the need to check on him. I think it's a maternal thing, you always worry about your babies and they're usually perfectly fine! xxx


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