Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Day 1 - I Bought This - Silvercross Pop Bubbles First impressions

What perfect timing is this I was just thinking what I could do todays post on as I was trying to think of something that I had bought recently and then I had a knock at the door which was Thomas's new stroller being delivered. I wasn't expecting this yet as it was a pre-order and it wasn't due to be released until the 4th and then I was told it could take up to the normal 4 days for delivery. So well done to Mothercare for that.

I thought I would share with you my first impressions of the stroller. When I got it out of the box and unwrapped it I had a quick scan of the instructions and put the wheels and hood on. Thomas then tested it out so I could see how much I would need to adjust the straps.

This stroller has lots of cool little features it reclines for when your child is napping and you can also adjust the leg rest so they can be completely comfy however they like to sit. There are also swivel wheels to make the stroller easy to maneuver but it you prefer you can have them fixed.

The basket underneath is quite a good size although I wouldn't want to put too much in it's perfect for one or two bags and to store the rain cover that comes with the stroller.

There is also a little window in the top of the hood so that you can check your child when you have the hood up. I don't know why all hoods don't have this.

There is also a cup holder which is brill so you could either keep your drink in there or your childs.

To fold the pushchair up you need to lock the wheels, pull the strap as I am below and then put your foot on a little leaver I don't know whether you can see it and then fold the stroller forward.

As you can see Thomas likes the look of his new stroller and we will definitely be testing it out this weekend if they weather is nice. So I will let you know my thoughts after it has been road tested...well pavement tested.


  1. Ive just got rio the cosatto little monster and love it, yay for new buggies!

    1. Thomas has the little monster car seat :)


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