Thomas's 1st Birthday Photos

I can't believe my beautiful boy is now 1! We had a lovely family day which was filled with lots of smiles and laughter from Thomas

Trying to decide which present to start with.

To begin with all Thomas was interested in was playing with balloons so we had to try and coax him in to opening presents. I'm thinking until Thomas is around 3 I might leave any toys we have for him open and set them up so they are ready to play with instead of wrapping them up because he doesn't open them properly and gets bored.

"Look mummy this is big boys size"

Playing with his Toot toot garage

Having fun in his new play tent

We decided to take Thomas out for a little birthday trip as we didn't want to spend the day inside like any other boring day so we decided to take him to Amerton Farm to see some animals for the first time.
Thomas has such a serious face on him as we were walking around because he was taking in all the different animals and the sounds they were making.

A little goat came to say hello

Having a walk with Daddy

We had a lovely couple of hours walking round the farm, we will definitely go back in the future when Thomas is a bit bigger because there is a play area there too which Thomas will enjoy when he's bigger.


  1. awww Happy 1st Birthday Thomas!

  2. Aww he's adorable and looks like he had a fab birthday! x


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