Annabel Karmel Quick And Easy Toddler Recipes*

I'm a big fan of Annabel Karmel books you may remember I reviewed the Complete baby and toddler meal planner a little while ago when I first started weaning Thomas I used the book for ideas for new meals to try out with Thomas because I didn't want  him to get bored with food before he had even started.

The quick and easy toddler recipe book is full of delicious recipes and meal ideas to try as your little one grows so that you can introduce lots of different meals and lots of new tastes to them to make sure that they never get bored of meal times.

The book is split in to different sections for different meal times and then in to sections for Poultry and fish ect. There is also lots of big bright colourful photos which I bet would be good as your child grows so that they can see what you are planning for tea or could even pick out meals they like the look of. I don't think this book is just for toddlers either older children even adults will love some of the tasty recipes that are included in this book. Just last week Thomas and I tried the Tuna and Tomato pasta bake and I'm already planning a chicken stir fry to try with Thomas next.

We will have to share some of Thomas's favourite meals from this book in a few weeks when we have tried more. Hands up if you would be interested in that?

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