Big Shotz Everyday Nutrition*

Today I'm sharing with you a Vitamin and Mineral Juice shot from Big Shotz. These little juice drinks contain 11 different vitamins and 6 minerals which in a 120ml bottle gives you recommended daily allowance of the 11 vitamins. Plus Omega 3 and Pre-biotic fibre.

Big Shotz is free from dairy, gluten, lactose and caffeine so it is suitable for anybody with an intolerance to these. These little drinks are so yummy a delicious Mango and Passionfruit flavour which is a really nice refreshing hit I normally like to try these with my breakfast to set me up for the day.

If you want to try these out for yourself you can purchase them here www.shotzhealth.com and if you want to try them out before you buy a case you can get 2 samples for just the price of p&p which is £2.99

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