Blinds, Who Knew They Could Be Fun*

For a couple of weeks now I have been droning on about how desperate I am to move house, I am already getting ideas together in my head of how I want the place to look and how I want it decorated and we haven't even found anywhere yet. One thing that I am big on is spending as little money as possible and trying to create a whole new look for a room. The easiest way to do this is to just change the accessories so I always try to keep the walls as neutral as possible that way it's not that much hard work when you want a new look.

The room I am most looking forward to doing is Thomas's because he has kinda missed out on a nice bedroom up to now because since I was pregnant I didn't want to stay in this house so we didn't want to spend any money getting things for his bedroom here in case they didn't fit in a new house. I already know exactly how I want his room to look. I want nice cream neutral walls with some sort of jungle wall art on one wall and and he already has a jungle themed height chart to go up.

One thing I will definitely get in the new house is some decent blinds like the ones at www.creativelydifferentblinds.com these would make a great feature and what is even better is that you can get the blinds to be black out which is a must have with small children or even adults if you are a light sleeper. I particularly like the jungle fever one but the Humphreys Corner blinds are adorable if you are decorating a nursery and need it to be unisex. I really love the idea of these blinds, practical yet fun and they can update the look of any room without you having to pay to completely redecorate.

*Compensated post

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