BritMums Live 2013 My Experience Part 1

Friday morning I woke before my alarm with butterflies going mental in my stomach and then that nervous sicky feeling hit me. Friday was the day of BritMums Live, I had been waiting since January for this day to come and couldn't believe it was finally here. The day where I stepped out of my comfort zone, well I couldn't even see my comfort zone from how far away I was from it. I am a very shy person and spending two days meeting people who I have never met before filled me with dread. Yes I speak to lots of these people daily, numerous times a day, more than I speak to actual "real life" friends yet I was unbelievably nervous. Talking to people through Twitter or other forms of social media is completely different than just walking up to people and starting a conversation.

Friday didn't start off too well, I missed my train by a minute due to fumbling around collecting my tickets and then when I went to ask the bloke behind the desk if that was my train he checked my ticket and told me that it wouldn't be valid for the next train which was great complete waste of money and then I had to spend another £18.50 for a ticket to the next train. 
When I finally got to Birmingham I met up with 3 lovely ladies the #brumtrainbuds who were Charlotte Zoe and Emma Once on the train we got chatting and started to relax a bit. it made me feel much better getting to know a few people before the madness of being in a room full of bloggers. Once we arrived in London Charlotte and Emma went to find their hotel and Zoe and I finally found ours after lots of walking up and down streets. We met up with Nicola, Kerry, Lotte and Bex before registering and then once inside the venue we had a bit of a mooch around chatting to the brands on the stalls before the opening session and the talk from Kirstie Alsopp 

Our first session was the brand panel debate which talked about what brands and bloggers really want from each other. It was really good to listen to experienced bloggers sharing their views and tips. Brands are always looking for unique blogs what can you offer brands that others can't. Make relationships with brands if they email you strike up conversation don't just answer with your address, they wont come back to you. 

After this there was a tea break where I took part in a research group but I was a bit gutted as it meant I would miss my next session that I was really wanted to go too. Although I did learn a bit from other bloggers while taking part in the group. During the day I also met a fab lady called kel who I'd only started talking to this weekend and I am so glad I had.

The next session I went to was all about getting paid and different ideas on how you can start to make money from your blog as in a perfect world I would love to blog full time. The key is to not forget why you started to blog in the first place, yes I would love to make a living from my blog but I wouldn't want to sell out and do sponsored post after sponsored post so I learnt there are other ways I could start to make money in future when my blog has grown some more.

After the last session of the day we got to sip champagne and eat canap├ęs before the BiBs got underway. It was a lovely evening seeing bloggers getting the recognition they truly deserve. Who knows one day it could be me up there. (Very,very highly doubt that but a girl can dream) Later we went to All Bar One to grab some much needed food, glasses of bubbly and wine on an empty stomach is not good! By half 10 I was suitably tipsy and snuggled up in bed but I was missing one thing, the sound of Thomas snoring that's like my comforter. I was expecting to have a lovely night of unbroken sleep but of course that didn't happen I was still in mummy mode and woke up a few times out of habit I think expecting to be able hear Thomas snoring. I did miss my little man so much but it was nice to be able to have a cuppa in bed the next morning.


  1. What a great write up of the frenetic Day 1! I always thought that I'd end up waking up anyway if I was away from the little ones for a night, but it must have been nice to really stretch out!

  2. Lovely to meet you sweetie. I can't believe we didn't have a picture together though!!!! Xx


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