Clarks First Shoes

The time has come to buy my little toddler his first pair of proper shoes He is getting so big *Sniff sniff*. For me the only place to go for that special first pair of big boy shoes was Clarks for their First shoe experience.
We took Thomas to have his feet measured and the young man who measured his feet was very friendly and patient when Thomas wouldn't keep his foot still and struggled against having them measured.

We chose a pair of shoes and then Thomas got to try them on and have a little walk about the shop in them. You then get a photo taken of your little one trying on their new shoes which then gets put in to a card with your childs name and todays date on it. As you can see from the photo Thomas is very excited about his new shoes.

The shoes we chose were the Cruiser Play pre walkers I chose these because they feel like a good quality shoe and will give your baby's foot support but isn't too ridged that your baby wont be able to move their foot properly. Plus the style and design of the shoe means that it will go with pretty much any outfit choice meaning you can get lots of wear out of the shoe

Clarks recommend you go for another fitting in around 8 weeks so have the fit checked and maybe move in to a proper walking shoe when your toddler is use to wearing a shoe properly.

I have not been asked to write this review and no money was exchanged


  1. Aww how lovely!
    I wasn't aware that you get a photo with your childs first pair of shoes and the little shoe box is also really cute.
    Bump to Baby

  2. Awww how sweet! I cant wait to take my little one to Clarks when he's old enough!

    Sparkles &




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